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March 2024
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My first Cord!
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Posted by: stroker @ 8:57 pm

Back during the war about 1942-43 I was a little kid waiting for Mom who was in the store.  I was sitting in Dad’s 1940 Ford Deluxe Tudor when suddenly a long, low, shiny green 4 door sedan pulled in alongside, the woman driver getting out and also going into the store.  I sat and gazed at this low, beautiful car- something so different it must be out of the future! 

After awhile the lady returned, and noticing me looking at her car asked how I liked it.  I said “It is beautiful-what is it?”  She replied that it was a “CORD”.  Being a chauvinist even at 5 I replied that she meant a “FORD”, not “CORD”. 

No she said, and asked that I get out and see, opening the driver’s door and pointing to the name “CORD” on the silvery doorsill .  Pointing to each letter she then phonetically sounded them out, and combining them made the voiced word “CORD”.   What a concept- letters can be sounded out and combined to make words!  I wondered if anyone else knew this besides this lady!  Wait ’til I tell Mom!  My first Cord siting was really a big event in my little life and my introduction to the written word! 

I’ve talked to many Cord guys over the years telling them this story, to which they all say I have to be mistaken, that Cord never put the logo on the doorsill, but I reply vividly remember this, and I ask where else is the car’s name shown large on the car so a little kid could see it?  This happened in Louisville, KY and dammit I know what I saw!


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  1. jimbo Says:
    Hey stroker maybe it was a dream? I have often dreamt about women. Hee Hee

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